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People in the process of evolution test many new technologies and materials. One experiment goes wrong and the undetected virus spread across the area. Some peoples get infected, other back from the dead and new creatures are born. When other people don’t have plans on how to turn this back, Doctor in his laboratory discovers a special weapon to fight with these different opponents… a laser!. He connects himself with his best friend and the most effective hunter in the village to start the adventure together.


My goal was to create a fully functional game with all the necessary elements. In the process of creating I realized how many aspects you need to care about. But more new things, more new problems just give me more power and encourage me to solve them and do even more. I learned a lot and I want to share my results with other gamers and creators.

In the process of designing Inseparable, I got in my mind to make a good-looking game as well as improve my skills.

The main mechanic is both players are connected and play on one keyboard. I know nowadays this type of games are a little bit less popular than a few years before, but I with sentiment remember times when with family and friends we played together on one computer on one keyboard and it was awesome. One of the main goals of this indie game is to remind you of these times. So invite your friend or family member and play together!

Stay connected.